Bluechip BC5i

Growing old is hard, especially when your eyesight and hearing start to deteriorate with the years. If the teeny keys found on today’s phones are too small for your poor eyesight, Bluechip has got the phone just for you. Called the BC5i Big Button, this cellphone does away with all the fancy touchscreens and redundant buttons, giving you the core features of what a phone is supposed to do best – receiving and making phone calls.

The BC5i Big Button phone has 15 buttons on its front, and one huge orange button on the back of the device. Labeled clearly with large, huge, numbers, you’ll be sure not to miss-press a button on the phone each time you take it out to make a phone call. It comes with enhanced loudness, and it reads aloud each number you press just for double confirmation. In case that wasn’t enough, the phone comes with a torchlight that can be turned on by a sliding switch – for those times when you need to find things in the dark.

The phone is unlocked and will work on pretty much any GSM network, has a 10 slot memory for your 10 most important contacts and an SOS button on the back of the phone to press in case of emergencies. It also has a built-in FM radio for entertainment on long bus/train rides. The phone is available now in the UK for about $49 (£29.95).

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