Could Bluetooth certification for the Motorola DROID 3 actually have been approved, if one assumes that said phone is also known by its codename, the Solana XT862? Perhaps, or perhaps not, but it might just make sense since the previous couple of DROID models did follow a different model number scheme of A855 (DROID) and A955 (DROID 2). Of course, this piece of information is still in the world of rumors, but as it has come from a rather reliable and famous source (kbman), our pinch of salt isn’t that large for the moment. An OMAP4 processor was mentioned in the system dump, so assuming that’s true, it would be able to deliver some serious processing firepower for smartphones. Ah well, at the very least you know it will come with Bluetooth connectivity that is more or less a given in this day and age. Have you heard anything else that is different?

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