Calibur11 Base Vaults keep your Xbox 360 Slim safe

Calibur11 Base VaultIf you’re afraid of your Xbox 360 Slim console getting damaged, Calibur11 has released the product just for you. Called the Base Vault, these high-end cases completely protect the Xbox 360 Slim when attached to the console. Base Vaults also provide more stability to the console, preventing any accidental tipping over for those harrowing game moments or bouts of fierce competition. The Base Vaults also optimize air flow for your Xbox 360 Slim so you won’t have to do deal with overheating issues.

The Base Vaults come in an assortment of colors, and can be enhanced with accessories such as controller and headphone holders. Personalized nameplates are also available to give the case a personal touch. While it kind of defeats the purpose of having a smaller footprint for the Xbox 360 Slim, the case does give it the protection it needs, while adding a bit of style to make it more personal. Calibur11’s Base Vaults are available now, with prices starting from $55.95. Find out more about Calibur11.


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