One of the more noticeable contributors to our landfills would be toys for your kids – how many toys were actually played around with for a couple of weeks or so, before they get discarded due to kids’ super short attention spans? Of course, while this is better than children forgetting to take care of their pet puppy once the little pup grows up into an adult and is no longer “cute”, it still doesn’t mean one should dump more batteries into our landfills than there already are.


Forget about cars the run on a hybrid system or electricity, here’s a novel idea that relies on discarded junkfood containers, where we’re talking about the DAlH2Orean remote-controlled car. To know more about the DAlH2Orean remote-controlled car, you can always check out the extended post for additional information.

A couple of Spanish engineers from the Polytechnic Institute of Catalonia has discovered a method to power their little four wheeler with nothing but soda can tabs, now how about that? These aluminum tabs will be mixed with sodium hydroxide and water, resulting in a small hydrogen fuel cell that just like an electric vehicle, emits zero CO2 emissions. Capable of hitting its stride at 20mph for 40 minutes, that’s nothing short of impressive. Of course, now we just have to figure out how to translate that into moving a one-tonne electric car…

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