There is a very good reason as to why the DryCASE Tablet is called so – it makes sure the precious iPad 2 of yours will remain nice and dry even when it is fully immersed in water. Of course, when we talk about such a situation, of course we don’t mean that you will be bringing your iPad 2 with you during your next scuba diving trip. The DryCASE Tablet will play nice with not only your brand new iPad 2, but it will also ensure not a drop of water will touch your tablet from other manufacturers (including the Samsung Galaxy and the Amazon Kindle among others).

It is quite safe to assume that the DryCASE Tablet is currently the only vacuum-sealed, fully-enclosed waterproof case which will prevent water from seeping in and damaging your device. One would then wonder just how you will be able to make use of your touchscreen functionality, right? Well, with some pixie dust, that is also possible, and it allows you to enjo your favorite electronic book or watch a movie even when you’re in a bathtub, soaking away the day’s stress. 

Another feature that you will be able to find in the DryCASE Tablet would be a 3-way headphone/microphone jack, where you can match up the DryCase with a different accessory from DryCorp, including the DryBUDS waterproof headphones for the complete movie watching experience in the privacy of your own pool. Just make sure you aren’t boiling anything in the kitchen on a gas stove, otherwise you might not hear your kettle whistling when the water is done. The DryCASE Tablet will be priced below $60 when it is available.

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