Facebook wins in lawsuit that enforces court settlementIt does seem as though Mark Zuckerberg and gang can go on with their billionaire lives, as Facebook Inc. picked up a victory in a court decision that enforces the settlement of a lawsuit which claims company founder (Mark Zuckerberg himself) actually stole the idea for what eventually ended up as the largest social networking site, with more than 500 million users and still growing. According to a three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals in San Francisco, the trio ruled unanimously that the agreement was “valid and enforceable,” and it is notable to say that the settlement freed Facebook from all claims – past, present and future. Guess Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss will just have to be happy with $65 million in stock and cash, which is still more money than you can shake a stick at but considering Facebook’s actual valuations, that’s but a drop in the ocean (we’re talking about $50 billion, which is 3.33 times the amount that the Winklevosses thought Facebook was valued at during mediation). It is interesting to note that the $65 million is now worth $100 million in just three years – now is that ever a good investment!

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