Flipbac Camera Grips keeps cameras safe in the hands of butterfingers

Are you known for always dropping things? Do people trust you with holding their precious gadgets? Has your nickname since high school been butterfingers? If you’ve answered yes to any of the questions above, you’ve probably got the case of slippery hands. You know – the condition that causes objects to fall out of your hands for no apparent reason?

While there isn’t a solution to your problem at the moment, the folks over at Flipbac have decided to make things easier if you’re an avid photographer. They’ve announced the release of their Flipbac Camera Grips – nifty little silicon grips that attach to your camera to make them easier to hold and therefore keep in your hands. This nifty accessory is simple in design and easy to use. All you have to do is attach them to your camera with the provided 3M adhesive back on the grip and you’re good to go. The Flipbac Camera Grips turn even the most unwieldy camera into a device that’s a pleasure to hold.

And in the event your camera gripping skills improve until the point where you don’t need the aid of a grip anymore, you can detach them from your camera without leaving any traces of sticky residue behind. The Flipbac Camera Grips are on sale now in three different styles for $10 each. Purchase them here.

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