Space 3D photographs


In an official announcement from Fujifilm UK, they have stated that the European Space Agency (ESA) has brought one of their 3D cameras into outer space to record stunning 3D movies in space as well as to capture 3D images. The camera they brought up with them was the W1 3D camera.

The Russian spacecraft, Soyuz 25S, took the 3D camera with it to space when it left Earth last December on a mission to the International Space Station, outer space. Being part of the astronaut space kit, the 3D camera will be used to collect all sorts of footage and photographs on the 5 month long mission.

While the Soyuz 25S will return in May, we won’t have to wait for the astronauts to return before we get to view the footage, in fact they have already been uploading their Flickr stream with photos about the space mission. Now we can all experience what life is like in space without even having to set foot into a spacecraft. Make sure you’ve got some 3D glasses on, if not the pictures will just look like a mess to your naked eyes.

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