Word on the street has it that video game retailer GameStop will be working on a new gaming tablet device, where it is slated (pun not intended) to arrive sometime later in 2011 – now this is definitely a surprise to hear! After all, aren’t there already so many tablets in the market, and with the kind of fragmentation the Android operating system is experiencing at the moment, having yet another tablet to hit the market doesn’t make much sense. GameStop recently purchased Impulse, a digital distribution service, as well as Spawn Labs, a game streaming service, in order to extend their reach in the digital gaming environment. This means a tablet isn’t too far fetched, but value is in the software so GameStop’s got all of that covered at the moment since they’re a games retailer. We are not too enthusiastic with this idea of GameStop branching out to unknown territory, but whatever floats their boat…

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