OK, so maybe the title above might be a bit more far fetched than it seems, as we’re quite sure the ex-postal worker who is Einstein ought to be able to figure out the GigaPan time machine in no time, heck – he might even have the grey matter to churn out coding of his own to make the whole thing more efficient and better, if the brain himself was alive today. What were we referring to, you ask? Well, the GigaPan is under the spotlight for now, where when you combine it with a timelapse feature, you will be able to experience a zoomable video that not only looks great, but it helps you get a better idea on what the surrounding areas look like.

GigaPan recently updated their firmware for the EPIC Pro from where you are able to receive details of it to know what new additions have been thown into the mix here. Of course, if you’re too lazy to make the hyperlink jump, here’s some spoon feeding goodness of what has been improved upon.

  • Exposure bracketing for HDR capture
  • Time Display
  • Time Lapse Panoramas
  • Dedicated Mirror Lock Up Setting
  • Additional Aspect Ratios

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