Google wind farm

Google seems to be hell-bent on world domination… in a safe clean way at least. The company has been reported to have invested $100m in the Shepherds Flat Wind Farm in Oregon. The latest investment follows previous investments in clean energy after the $168 million solar power tower last week, and the German solar plant the week before.

When the Shepherds Flat wind farm is completed in 2012, it will produce 845 megawatts of electricity, and it will be the first commercial wind farm in the US to deploy, at scale, turbines that use permanent magnet generators. It will also become the world’s largest Wind Farm, with 338 operational wind turbines and new jobs for 400 people.

Google hasn’t mentioned what it will make use of all this clean energy for, but the company has reportedly spent over $350 million on such technology – a huge amount for a company that deals predominantly with websites and web technology than anything else. Any guesses to what Google will use this energy for or what form of energy the search engine giant will spend their money on next?

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