Grace Digital has expanded their list of services to include the SiriusXM Internet Radio for all XM customers, and if you’re curious to know what kind of stations you can let your ears indulge in, the entire list can be found here. To date, SiriusXM is touted to be the one and only way to enjoy the entirety of Sirius and all of XM within a single radio – your brain will be well entertained and informed with plenty of news, entertainment, music, sports, traffic and weather updates among others.


Love Oprah? Oprah Radio is there for you. How about shock jock Howard Stern? No worries, he’s on as well. Are you a sports nut who even in the off season, want to experience reruns of old plays? There are NFL, MLB, NASCAR, NHL, NBA, and even college sports for your enjoyment.

Apart from that, you can always maximize your music listening experience with commercial-free music channels that will cover just about any and every genre, including plus artist-dedicated channels such as Grateful Dead, E Street Radio, Siriusly Sinatra, and Elvis Radio. You also won’t be accused of being a total doofus when it comes to keeping up with news of the world since headlines from CNN, CNBC, NPR and BBC will bombard your ears constantly.

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