At first glance, the Hed Saver looked like an April Fools’ Day prank, but upon further clicking, it appears that it’s not a gag after all. The Hed Saver is a real bonafide cooling patch marketed at Nintendo 3DS gamers who are suffering from headaches and dizziness with the 3D effect turned up. For about $32, you’ll get two cooling patches that “work right out of the box” with no setup required. Why isn’t that clever! GamingZap is pulling out all the punches to sell 3DS accessories and with a little bit of luck, they might actually lure in some unsuspecting gamers. To be honest, this is just a regular cooling patch you can find in a drug store or at a local pharmacy. Coughing up the $32 for this would be stupid on any person’s part. Bsides, Nintendo’s official recommendation is to take frequent breaks every 30 minutes or so with 3D on or just turn off 3D effect. It’s your money, but we’re just saying, that $32 could probably go towards a new 3DS game. And isn’t that money better spent than on cooling pads?

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