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An industrial design student, Martin Spurway recently came up with an idea for some cameras to make things more fun at weddings. Normally guests are given disposable cameras to take photographs of the whole event from their own angles. However, disposable cameras have yet to catch up with the digital photography age. Film will need time to be developed, and it would cost quite a lot of money to develop the film from each camera, especially if a lot of cameras were given out. Not to mention, guests end up leaving the wedding with no photographs – even more so if they flew in only for the weekend to attend the wedding, it would be troublesome and costly to mail out photos to everyone who attended. Digital cameras solve this issue – but nobody is going to leave a digital camera for everybody to use (even if they’re filthy rich).

Enter Hitch. This concept camera is designed specifically just for this purpose. Hitch is basically a simplified digital camera that will be placed on every table. It won’t have many options beyond the regular point and shoot, but it will be good enough to do the job. People use these cameras as usual and snap pictures of the wedding from their point of view. When they’re done, the cameras will be placed on a special dock that will automatically collect all the pictures from the cameras. The dock can also act as a projector, showing everybody what’s been going on throughout the day (as long as people remember to transfer photos). At the end of the day, the photographs can be quickly and easily transferred onto physical media like drives or burnt CDs for guests to take home – and everybody wins. Hired photographers might not even be needed anymore. Now all they need is a way to prevent people from stealing those cameras from weddings.

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