iOS 5?A few hours ago, a video clip that was claimed to have footage of iOS 5 surfaced online. The video showed a white iPhone (that’s supposed to be the iPhone 5 as well) running a version of iOS that looks very much like iOS 4 – except when it comes to switching apps.

Instead of the little row of icons popping up at the bottom of our screens like we’re used to, the task switcher loaded up a new page that showed all the running apps in little boxes, like how web pages look like when in the tab switching mode on the Safari web browser. iOS 4 was rumored to have this task switching, but Apple must have swapped it out for the current row of tiles that is currently used in iOS 4. Other than that, it doesn’t really seem like a big change between iOS 4 and iOS 5.

The folks over at The Next Web were unconvinced about the video, and did some scrutinizing themselves, picking apart the video footage found online. It turns out that after a closer examination of the video, especially of the Settings menu, the phone looks more like an internal testing version of iOS 4 instead of iOS 5. The main point that stood out was the fact that the phone said Version followed by what looks like a number 4 in the About menu. If this was iOS 5 – it should say Version 5.x instead. Other noticeable features are some apps having old iOS 3 icons instead of iOS 4 (or newer) icons. The option to access Developer and Carrier settings from the Settings build also definitely point towards the OS being an internal build.

Watch the videos for yourself and tell us what you think. A jailbroken iPhone with a fancy task switcher app? Or a leaked version of iOS 5 with its numbers screwed up? Either way, it’s hard to tell without getting our hands on the phone. But don’t get your hopes up as its more likely to be an internal build of iOS 4 instead of iOS 5.

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