BlackBerry PlayBook

It’s already April and we’re getting closer to the release date of RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. The QNX tablet which missed its Q1 deadline went up for for pre-order last month and was officially announced to have a release date of April 19. The reasons for the delay weren’t mentioned, but rumors have started surfacing recently, pointing fingers at Apple as the cause of delay. Taiwanese publication DigiTimes reported that manufacturers had trouble acquiring the touch display panels needed to create the PlayBook tablets and the reason for the shortage was supposedly because Apple gobbled most of the displays on the market to be used in their iPad 2. Apple’s massive cash reserve has allowed the fruity company to basically keep a large portion of the world’s available production capacity for touchscreens for themselves. But doesn’t it make you wonder – how come Android tablets aren’t reported to face similar problems? Either way, let’s just hope the PlayBook arrives on time as promised.

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