We’ve seen the DIY Arduino Geiger counter yesterday, but here is yet another Japan-inspired device, an iPhone radiation dock. This is part of the efforts involved to cleverly leverage the use of technology in order to help Japan with their ongoing nuclear crisis.


Apart from offering a whole lot of information concerning radiation in the area, you will also be able to receive updates on the group’s efforts when it comes to delivering such radiation detectors to the Land of the Rising Sun. Also known as the iGeigie, this particular device is a portable Geiger counter in disguise that will dock with your iPhone. Truly, there is an app for just about everything, including making sure nuclear disasters can be cleared up soonest possible in the most efficient manner.

This particular set-up will be able to compute Counts Per Minute while letting you make use of your iPhone to listen to the amount of clicks which will correspond to the current radiation level. Would you want to carry this around with you to your favorite sushi bars to make sure that whatever morsels that go down your throat is safe from radiation?

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