If you know anyone within your immediate circle of friends who is an audiophile, loves music on the whole, or just plain insists on having the latest and greatest form of devices in the market, then you might want to shortlist the JH|5 PRO custom-fit in-ear monitors (IEMs) as your next gift idea.

Off-the-shelf ear buds aren’t the solution to a potential gift problem – what you need, as we mentioned earlier, would be the custom-fit JH|5 PRO IEMs that deliver unsurpassed quality and sound clarity which will obviously be appreciated by rock gods and professional musicians worldwide – and it is now available for iPods,portable media players and MP3 players. It isn’t too expensive either if you’re short on cash at the moment, since for $399 a pop, they tout to offer quality that is worth many times the price. 

Said to deliver the industry’s best ambient noise isolation, you are able to enjoy your favorite music in a way that you probably haven’t. If you have any idea on who appreciates this brand, how about a pedigree of names such as Aerosmith, Guns ‘N Roses, Lady Gaga, Linkin Park, Alicia Keys and Barry Manilow amongst many others? The JH|5s will come in a clear acrylic shell so that you can appreciate the parts and components within, or choose from over custom colors for an added personal touch. It is a nice touch that the JH|5 PRO will ship in a velvet bag inside a personalized Otterbox 1000 so that the earpieces remain well protected.

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