Kiip offers real world rewards for in game achievementsThe carrot and stick is a common reward system that is employed by many organizations, and even down to families. The same applies to how some games work, and Kiip, a new player in the in-game ad startup market has recently received $4 million in funding to kickstart its concept of rewarding players with branded coupons and product samples whenever they manage to successfully complete specific in-game tasks. This achievement-based ad will see action across 15 mobile titles from today onwards, and whenever you earn an achievement in a Kiip-powered game, a pop-up window will request you for an e-mail address, where it will then send a coupon or free sample offer without having to go through a pesky account sign-up step. There is a limited number of rewards which can be provided in each game, and in order to keep you interested in the game, they will introduce a “variable reward schedule” so that you won’t expect a reward every single time you play. Just to get an idea on the kind of coupons you’ll get, advertisers on Kiip include Carl’s Jr., Dr. Pepper, GNC,, popchips, Sephora and vitaminwater. Do you think that this is the way to move forward in casual games?

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