Kindle Does Library Book Lending

Kindle users will soon be able to lend/borrow eBooks from 11,000 libraries in the USA. Interestingly, Amazon had recently blocked Lendle (a startup) from doing this exact same thing… The new feature will be available to *all* Kindle hardware, but also to the application found on practically all platforms (PC, Mac, Android, iOS…). For now, the technical details are unknown: how long can you keep a book? How much is it going to cost? What’s the procedure to get a book from a library… There are a number of questions that will need answers to.

What we do know is that Amazon is working with OverDrive, the company that provides digital content solution for the library market (all 11,000 of those mentioned earlier, apparently)..  “We hear librarians and patrons rave about Kindle, so we are thrilled that we can be part of bringing library books to the unparalleled experience of reading on Kindle.” (OverDrive CEO).

Depending on the pricing, this could make for a very interesting service. I have personally come accustomed to the idea of “renting” my music, and if I could do something similar with books, this is something that I would try. [Press Release]


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