Kinect and Wii used to play 3D Tetris

Tetris is an age old, classic game that has been popular pretty much since it was introduced. However in today’s world of fancy gaming consoles and motion controls, the game somehow feels a little outdated, even though it still remains one of the most fun games in the world. Well, a Trinity College student, better known as Keyosaurus on YouTube recently put together his own version of Tetris, combining the motion sensing abilities of the Microsoft Kinect and a Wiimote from the Wii console to play his homebrew game.

While the 3D graphics aren’t really an improvement over the original 2D tiles, controlling the game is a whole different story. He uses the Kinect to detect the movement of his body and the Wiimote while the rotation of the Wiimote affects the rotation of the game pieces. It doesn’t look too fun to play, but hey – if using the Kinect/Wii for Tetris isn’t your thing, at least you know that you’ll always be able to return to playing Tetris on your GameBoy. Catch the video of Tetris 3D after the break:

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