Kokuyo X-VIZ

With almost everybody (including school kids) around the world owning a cellphone in today’s society, it’s hard to justify the need for a calculator anymore. But famous robot designer Tatsuya Matsui seems to think otherwise. Kokuyo has just announced the release of a new designer calculator by Tatsuya Matsui called the Kokuyo X-VIZ.

Designed to be held and operated with only one hand, the Kokuyo X-VIZ takes the form of a slim TV-remote. Even though it looks like it could control your TV or make calls, the X-VIZ only has all the features of a standard calculator and nothing more. While it will probably start a fashion trend for new, slim calculators to hit the market with its sleek looks, we all know that we don’t really need one. Unless we attend classes just to make fashion statements instead of learn math.

The Kokuyo X-VIZ will go on sale in Japan next month, May 11, for about $64. How many of you still use regular calculators instead of your phone’s calculator app these days?

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