TVs have gotten smarter over the years as they can now connect to the Internet and can stream audio and video right into the comfort of your living room. Well, what about the rest of the world of consumer electronics? LG intends to do its part by introducing the Smart Refrigerator – although they are not the first to make such a foray into the market, with Samsung and Electrolux having takent he first few steps already. LG fully intends to make a success out of their release, and the new LG Smart Refrigerator is part of the set of LG appliances known as THINQ.

Designed and specially developed to create and maintain connectivity while enabling users to control different domestic appliances including refrigerators, washing machines, ovens and robotic vacuum cleaners remotely, the THINQ environment will also enable the new Smart Fridge to continually receive updates on their smartphones and tablet devices thanks to custom built Smart Manager application.

The Smart Refrigerator is also equipped with a touch screen interface that delivers recipes which are based on the refrigerated contents in addition to other miscellanous information that you might need – such as weather reports and the latest news buzz. Not only that, you can remotely control the appliance’s power efficiency through the shuffling of a trio of available power modes – late night saving, preferable time saving and Smart Grid-ready. No idea on pricing though.

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