We would so much so venture to say that working at the FCC is never boring, although there would be times when you will need to play with gizmos that you absolutely loathe, just so that you can make sure that it is properly set up and constructed to be released to the masses. Well, we have had word of LG and their latest WCP-700 Wireless Charging Pad that will target smartphones, where said device has finally snaked its way to the FCC. The WCP-700 will rely on wireless charging technology that is not too different from that used in the Palm Touchstone as well as Powermat charging systems.


All you need to do to juice your handset (and of course, we would think that LG would prefer their handsets to be placed on top) would be to put them right on top of the WCP-700 and you’re good to go. LED lights and vibrations are also used to indicate whether or not a device has already been placed on the charging area correctly.

Now to wait and see whether LG will maximize the WCP-700’s potential by rolling out phones that will incorporate a similar wireless charging technology. Hopefully that will happen sooner, and at least it would be a whole lot more convenient if it was built right into LG devices.

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