LinkedIn logoLinkedIn, the “professional’s Facebook”, looks like it’s attempting to challenge Facebook’s dominance over online identity and the internet. A new platform for LinkedIn announced today adds new features to turn the site into a more social networking-oriented service. Websites and developers now have easy access to tools that can embed “recommend” buttons (similar to Share/Like), company-profile boxes and contact widgets on third-party websites. While you won’t be playing Farmville of Mafia Wars anytime soon on LinkedIn, you can expect it to add even more social aspects to the website in the coming months. Facebook’s dominance over the social network still hasn’t captured the corporate/business world like LinkedIn has and LinkedIn plans to keep it that way. But from here onwards it’s going to be an uphill battle for LinkedIn to convince websites all over the world to add yet another share button on their content, after all there’s only so many share buttons you really need right?

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