mac versus has a very nice “Mac person vs. PC person” survey in which 388,315 of their users did contribute. The results are very interesting and to some extent, they match certain stereotypes that one could have about both user communities.

For example, Mac-people tend to be more educated, politically on the liberal side, and live in big cities. They also tend to be younger (18-34). The PC crowd gravitates around the 35-49 age range, and are more likely to live in suburbs or rural areas (is this due to the lack of Apple stores there?). PC people would rather fit with others, while Mac people are more likely to want to be different and unique in their own ways. They also like to throw parties.

When it comes to fashion and design, PC-people are in majority more casual and feel comfortable and jeans. On the other hand, Mac-people describe their style as upscale/chic – or at least “unique”.  Mac users also tend to like modern art and design.

macbook college

Apple's iconic "Think Different" tagline in action...

Both groups tend to think that their side is responsible for driving the technology adoption in the world. It’s probably true as every platform contributes to that. However, Mac-people consider themselves to be “early adopters”, while PC folks tend to view themselves as later adopters.

Finally, PC people are likely to see themselves as having strong mathematical aptitude, while Mac people tend to think that they are stronger with verbal aptitude. The Mac crowd can be heard, and no-one will deny that.

Obviously, every user is unique, and there legions of people who don’t fit in either stereotypes. I might be one of them. I use both Mac (mobiles) and PCs (desktop), but yet, I don’t feel like I fit in either “camps” described above. Stereotypes are fun to talk about, though.

Keep in mind that Windows PCs did command a 89.2% market share in new computer sales, as of the last quarter of 2010. That compares with a 10.8% share for Mac computers. If you want to see more small details, head to it’s worth checking.

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