Magic-Pro ProMiniIf you’re a person who hosts presentations frequently, I’m sure you’re familiar with the limitations of a regular wireless controller that only flips the slides for you. What if you wanted to add notes onto your slide while presenting? It’s kind of troublesome to have to walk up to your computer and access the keyboard there, even worse when you’re on a stage and the computer is quite a distance away. Well, the folks over at Magic-Pro have just released the ProMini Wireless Bluetooth Trackball Keyboard that solves such problems.

This palm sized keyboard is about the size of a cellphone/remote control and gives you the ability to control your computer wirelessly, making it perfect for presentations. Use real keyboard keys to control the page turning, and demonstrate data input using the on-board trackball and keyboard keys to input data. In fact, the ProMini also has a built-in laser pointer to make pointing out the obvious to your audience easier.

In addition to working as a presentation device, the ProMini is also ideal for users who want to control their computers while lying on their bed without having to get up. If you have a huge screen or projector set up at home, even better. It will also work with your mobile devices like smartphones and tablets for more accurate typing (if your device doesn’t feature a physical keyboard). It uses Bluetooth to communicate and works with Windows, Mac, Linux and even the PlayStation. The Magic-Pro ProMini is available now for $59.99.

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