The iPad (and its sequel, of course) can be considered to be magical by some quarters, and it isn’t too surprising either seeing what this tablet is able to achieve on its own – using nothing but your fingers to boot. Well, some other tablets require the use of a stylus, but not the iPad – not until now. The new Magnetic Stylus for the iPad 2 will come in handy if you love to do some doodling on your own.

If you happen to own an iPad 2, then you now have an option to purchase a stylus which will be able to be attached to your precious new tablet, ready to be whipped out in an instant to see action as and when you require it to do so. This is made possible courtesy of the magnets that have been integrated into Apple’s iPad 2, so the Magnetic Stylus has a place to “rest” whenever it is not in use. The Magnetic Stylus is a concept only at the moment though, as the brains behind this potential peripheral are still trying to find ways to raise enough money to kick start the project in the real world over at Fundit. Currently, they’re off to a nice start, but still have some way to go before the project achieves completion. The stylus itself is estimated to cost around $50 thereabouts should it take off the production line – all we can do is ask this question, “What would you do with a stylus on your iPad 2 that your finger cannot?”

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