Wireless charging has long been the Holy Grail for electronic devices, but it didn’t really take off as we thought it would, first off with Palm’s Touchstone technology, and now Mobee with their Magic Bar. This Magic Bar will be able to juice up the Apple Wireless Keyboard and Magic Trackpad without missing a beat, and bear in mind that it doesn’t work on “magic” but instead, will help replace the AA batteries on your Apple peripherals. All you need to do is slide the protruding part into the provided charging dock, where the base station will plug into any USB port of your choice so you will not require any external power supply whatsoever. Definitely nowhere near Palm’s TouchStone inductive charger capabilities, but as long as it works as intended, we aren’t complaining. The Magic Bar does look extremely appealing though, and it will only hit the market sometime at the end of June, although pre-orders will begin from May 15th onwards. Mobee’s Magic Bar will cost $59.90 where it is accompanied by one battery cylinder.

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