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MOG Streaming Music Service arrives on LG Blu-ray players and Home Theater systems


MOG has just announced that they will be offering their highly rated Streaming Music Service on LG’s family of selected Blu-ray players and Home Theater systems, which will be made available via the new Smart TV platform. Once you have selected the MOG application, music lovers can look through millions of songs, choosing the tracks of their choice on demand, right from the comfort of your living room.

According to David Hyman, CEO of MOG, “MOG remains focused on ensuring our users have the best listening experience wherever they are, and thanks to LG’s Smart TV platform, consumers can now enjoy high-quality, on-demand streaming of music in the living room. We designed this app specifically for the living room and can’t wait for people to experience the gorgeous graphics, simplicity of the app, and high quality audio. It’s great to be aligned with a company such as LG, a technology leader in consumer electronics.”

The MOG application for LG Electronics’ Internet-connected devices was specially designed in a way where it is meant for the living room listening experience, delivering gorgeous visuals and the highest quality audio to keep both eyes and ears entertained. LG customers are able to access MOG on the BD650, BD670, BD690 LG Blu-ray players, and the LHB336, LHB536, LHB976 LG Home Theater systems.

Among the features that can be enjoyed include :-

MOG offers a 14-day free trial at the moment, and once that has expired, you can opt for a $9.99 monthly MOG Primo that offers access to MOG on consumer electronic devices such as LG Smart TV enabled Blu-ray players and home theater systems, online, or through the MOG app on iPhone and Android phones, all via a single MOG account. Alternatively, there is the $4.99 monthly MOG Basic account that lets you access to MOG on LG Smart TV enabled Blu-ray players and home theater systems as well as online at mog.com.

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