Slicin’ and dicin’ – that’s what all good Fruit Ninja exponents do, and the Motorola Citrus has undergone a somewhat similar treatment over at the FCC (who are secret exponents of the art, we believe), as they have taken the Citrus and stripped it bare for all and sundry to look at. At $250 unlocked (free with contract), it goes a lot to say about the phone’s hierarchy in the smartphone world. Inside this cost-effective Android 2.1-powered smartphone lies a 528MHz Qualcomm processor, Hynix SDRAM as well as what seems to be a SIM card slot – that’s a departure from what most of the other Verizon devices. Then again, since it is available over at Walmart as a pre-paid phone, that would make sense. You would notice that this model also missed out on Motorola’s BACKTRACK button, where a very different story is told in the final retail version that arrived at store shelves. Now that you know what kind of entry level device this is, would you be willing to shell out two and a half Benjamins?

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