Tablet devices are on the uptrend these days, and it isn’t surprising to see that more and more concepts for tablets are also being showcased. After all, tablets work great when it comes to optimizing the needs of designers and developers, where it will merge the pros of intuitive multi-touch operation alongside the precision of a pressure-sensitive pen. The Mpad that you see here looks extremely delectable, where it sports a generous 15.6″ OLED display alongside nine fixed buttons to help you access those shortcuts in a snap. Apart from that, you can choose up to two dozen shortcuts for each software application, while a scroll wheel enables speedy 2D navigation. Inclined at 15 degrees, the Mpad is equally comfortable to use for left-handers as well as right handers, all you need to do is rotate the board by 180 degrees. Hopefully the battery life on this lives up to its calling though should it go through the manufacturing process, otherwise it’d be a has-been before it even rolls off the production line.

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