NASA to broadcast Soyuz events and launch in HD

NASA logoGreat news for fans of the NASA TV HD channel. The space administration has officially announced that the launch for their next space mission will be broadcast live on the NASA TV HD channel. The mission that sees the ISS crew fly out to the ISS in the Soyuz spacecraft, launching from Baikonur, Kazakhstan; will be shot in high definition for you to watch (don’t worry, if you only have standard definition, you won’t be left out). And if your thirst for more knowledge on the subject needs to be quenched, starting today, NASA will be broadcasting programs detailing the activities of the crew in Baikonur starting today at 2pm CDT. The launch however will be televised on Monday, April 4, beginning at 3.45pm CDT. Head over to the NASA website for more details on the schedule.

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