Just when you thought that Wi-Fi routers which are advertised to work as though Speedy Gonzales endorsed them were to resemble that of anti-aircraft cannons, with antennas jutting out all over the place, Netgear reassures us that design has come a long way to work in tandem with technology so that they look all out of place – living out that principle with the latest Netgear N750 Wi-Fi router that is ready to hit the market.

This will be a flagship device from Netgear’s stable, where the N750 was specially constructed in a manner where the main array of its antennae will be well hidden away. Without the need for those traditional anti-aircraft cannon designs, the Netgear N750 is on paper, a dual-band 802.11a/b/g/n router which is capable of touching speeds of 450Mbps via the 5GHz band, and also 300Mbps at 2.4GHz. Of course, both will work in tandem for an “aggregate combined data rate” of 750Mbps.

What does that mean for the layman? Well, it basically translates to letting you connect one device in either band without affecting (adversely, we might add) the transfer rate of the other – although you and your data will still be shackled by the 450Mbps speed limit. Apart from that, the $150 Netgear N750 will also be accompanied by a ReadySHARE USB port for network storage, parental controls, and guest access right out of the box.

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