New York City makes good use of landfillsNew York City is also in on the green revolution, and has decided to make hay while the sun literally shines, except that this time around, replace the word “hay” with “electricity” and you will probably have a hint of where we’re going with this post. Yes sir, New York City intends to restrict the use of dirty heating fuels, and rely on its capped landfills for solar farms, while issuing loans for green and energy efficiency upgrades to home owners.

According to New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg (see pic on right), he announced the latest initiatives for PlaNYC, which is actually the city’s sustainability plan. What’s most interesting would be the solar panel/landfill project that intends to see a partnership with solar developers unfold, where the city will offer a segment of its 3,000-acre landfill property in order to build solar fams instead.

As the Clean Heat heating fuel campaign rolls off, it intends to use the bait of financial incentives as well as a public education campaign in order to reduce the use of select heating oils in favor of natural gas and low-sulfur oil. Let’s hope that with all the sunshine the city gets, those solar panels will be mighty efficient ones – at least when compared to what you have on the general market.

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