Nintendo: 3DS sells 400,000 units in first week, plan was not to sell out

Calling the 3DS a huge success and the best selling Nintendo console launch in U.S. history without figures to back it up raised our eyebrows. Nintendo’s come forth, disclosing the 3DS sold 400,000 units in its first week. Many pundits are suggesting the 3DS momentum has died down, despite Nintendo being happy with its sales. Walk into any store and you will most likely see plenty of 3DS systems sitting on shelves. Is not selling out a sign that the 3DS is a failure? Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime told USA Today that he doesn’t believe that the device is a flop, but that Nintendo was more prepared this time around to ship more units to stores to ensure there were no shortages – a lesson learned from the Wii’s inability to stay on store shelves for more than a few hours. As I mentioned in my in-depth 3DS review, the 3DS is almost half-baked. It’s a solidly built device, but it’s ultimately marred by the absence of must-have games. If Nintendo can keep the device fresh in interim, then maybe, just maybe it’ll be able to keep the 3DS alive until the shopping season kicks in – a time when everyone wants news stuff.

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