Nissan Leaf Nismo RC takes electric vehicle racing to the next levelIt is said that Formula 1 is the epitome of vehicle technology, where many of the improvements and features found in Formula 1 cars are then transferred over to the average vehicle on the road – including ABS and the ilk. Nissan intends to bring things to a different level with the Leaf Nismo RC (Racing Competition) that does resemble its sedan cousin on the streets in some way, but the similarities end where both of them are electric powered.

First of all, the Leaf Nismo RC will boast of a lightweight carbon fiber monocoque body, where the electric motor, inverter and lithium ion battery pack are all mounted behind the driver’s seat. With a battery pack rated at 80 kWh, it will feed the electric motor which is rated at 107 hp and 207 lb-ft of torque.

According to Nissan, the battery pack is capable of being recharging up to 80% of its full capacity in just half an hour, so your pit stops would be a good excuse to walk around the track and check out other kinds of merchandise you can part with your hard earned money. A full charge will see the Leaf Nismo RC scamper around the track for about 20 minutes in racing conditions, boasting of a top speed of 93 mph. Not hair-raising stuff, but it is a start.

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