Nook Color Gets Android 2.2, Becomes a Tablet

With apps, web browsing and email, the Nook is really a tablet

Barnes & Noble has announced that Nook Color, the Android ebook/tablet, has been updated to Android 2.2 (codenamed FroYo) and will now feature Nook Apps, an application market where users can find popular applications such as Angry Birds, Epicurious, Uno, Lonely Planet and so on…  That also seems to imply that the regular Android market won’t be accessible.

With Android 2.2, Nook Color also gets a better web experience: now users can go to Flash-powered sites with video content. We’ll have to see how fast it really is, but in theory, this helps.

On the content side, B&N has released Nook Kids, a highly interactive digital picture book that include animations, user-drawings and “Read-to-Me”, an automated narration feature that will read the book to children (it probably won’t replace you, but it can give you a break Nook Color Gets Android 2.2, Becomes a Tablet )

At $250, the Nook Color might have just become one of the most affordable 7″ tablets around. It browse the web, handle email and get apps… this is a very interesting development. Now if it could get the unlimited email feature that Kindle has… wouldn’t that be awesome? I might just forget about black and white devices – forever.

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