Personal ATM helps your kids to save money

Personal ATMThere are plenty of piggy banks available on the market, but none of them really do anything besides save your money for you. Well, the folks over at Latest Buy are selling the Personal ATM – an advanced piggy bank that can be used to teach your kids the value of money.

Kids get an ATM Card and a PIN number that they will use to login to the system. Putting (Australian) coins into the machine adds to the account’s balance – the ATM automatically calculates it, whereas with notes, kids will have to insert them into the machine and update the balance themselves. The ATM can also help your kids set goals to reach target savings in a specified number of days. The machine can also be set to have a withdrawal limit so kids can’t over withdraw money from their account.

If all those functions aren’t enough, a professional safe is built in to keep your money safe, and an anti-theft system will also sound an alarm if the machine notices any tampering. The Personal ATM is on sale now for $43.95.

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