PFU MEDIASTAFF ADPFU Systems, a Fujitsu company has announced that at Customer Engagement Technology World (April 27-28) they will be showing off a new way for customers to rent and purchase the latest digital movies. Called the Movie Download Kiosk, it is touted to make digital movie rental and purchasing extremely easy.

While it wasn’t explained how they were going to make things easier, it’ll be interesting to see what PFU Systems are going to do – after all, it’s not exactly rocket science to rent or purchase a movie online at the moment, how much easier can things get? I’m thinking a cash or coupon based system that will allow people with no credit cards to watch digital movies online as well.

Do any of you have troubling ordering movies online? What sort of features do you think a Kiosk can do that an app or website won’t be able to do for you at home?

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