Punching Pro

A fitness-nut/draftsman named Kris Tressider was getting bored with sparring against a punching bag during his daily workouts and so he decided to take things into his own hands. Instead of going to a gym for a sparring partner like most people would, he built a robot that could spar with him. Called the Punching Pro, this sparring robot has the ability to throw punches back at the person using it instead of staying motionless and taking hits. Powered by 2 12-volt windshield wiper motors, each arm has been cleverly assembled with a rotational shoulder axis that allows it to pull off human-like punches at its opponent. The Punching Pro continuously throws punches at random, giving users a non-stop workout (at least until it is turned off). The sparring robot is still in its infancy, and Tressider is still looking for funds in order to improve the robot, but for a start you could say it’s pretty impressive. Maybe he’ll add some sort of scoring mechanism or difficulty setting in the future? Hit the break to watch a video of the Punching Pro in action:

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