Portable TVs? Those aren’t really the hottest gadget in town, even when it first came out. That doesn’t mean RCA is about to throw in the towel just yet on this niche market, having announced that they have a bunch of new portable TVs that will play nice with the DTV format as well. The most affordable of them all, the $119 DMT335R as seen in the upper left, will come with a 3.5″ LED backlit 320×240 resolution LCD display, a hybrid DTV tuner and a battery life of around 4 hours, powered by a quartet of AA batteries. Going up the food chain by one level would be a 3.5″ DMT336R that has color support, an integrated FM radio tuner and a built-in rechargeable li-poly battery that too delivers 4 hours of juice as well, being $40 more expensive. Last but not least is the generous DMT270R that sports a 7″ LCD display at 800×480 resolution, bringing all the features from its smaller siblings sans FM tuner, of course, for $179.

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