Reebok The Promise KeeperReebok has just launched a new app that attempts to help you stay fit through the power of social networks – and peer pressure. Called The Promise Keeper, you use the app to schedule when you plan to have your next run. The app will then inform all your friends on Facebook and followers on Twitter about when it will take place. When it comes to the day of your scheduled run, the app will remind you about it. If you choose not to run, the app will tell all your friends about you giving up, which should lead to all sorts of teasing and ridicule from your friends about you. But if you do complete your run the app tells all your friends as well so they can all congratulate you on undertaking steps to stay fit. The only problem with the app is that it’s based on a trust system – users can mark a run as completed even if they haven’t done it. Probably an update in the future will change things. The Promise Keeper is available now on the App Store and Android Market. Promo video after the break:

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