The idea of a drink vending machine is a cool one to say the least, and is definitely a departure from having someone in the flesh prepare a drink for you. Apart from that, it beats having to go to the nearest convenience store to pick up your favorite soda. Unfortunately, drink vending machines are prone to vandalism in certain parts of the world, and sometimes, they do not spit out the correct change – or none at all. The RFID drink machine more or less solves that issue once and for all, and someone hacked a PopCARD ┬ámachine by playing around with the correct pins on the Bill Validator Interface in order to simulate the addition of funds. Throwing in an Arduino with an Ethernet shield, a LCD display and an RFID reader, and you are good to go. All one needs to do is swipe their PopCARD card in front of the machine, press the button of their choice and they’re ready to live a change-free life.

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