Robotics merit badge added to Boy Scouts repertoireThey say that if one wants to keep up with the times, then it makes perfect sense to be relevant to the world around us. As for a uniformed movement like the Boy Scouts that has been around for a long, long time thanks to Lord Baden Powell, how are they holding up? Sure, video games and the Internet have had its sway over the young people of today, but that doesn’t mean joining a uniformed body would equal to beign square – no sir, apart from the “video game” badge, there is also a newly introduced “robotics” merit badge if you are into building your own robots with your knowledge and technical know how. The badge looks as though it has one of those space rovers that are out there on another planet, wandering around in their never ending search for extra-terrestrial life. In order to have one of these sewn on your uniform, you’ve got to “design and build a robot while learning about robot movement, sensors and programming.”

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