Brace yourself, there’s a really good chance another Pokemon game is on its way. A mere month after releasing Pokemon Black and White in the U.S. and selling over 1 million copies of each game, there’s noise that a “Pokemon Gray” is on its way. Why are we not surprised?

Traditionally, Nintendo has always released a third Pokemon game after the initial launch of a new game in the franchise. For example, after the Pokemon Blue and Red, came Yellow. After Pokemon Gold and Silver, came Crystal. After Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire came Emerald. After Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, came Platinum. The tradition will no doubt continue.

The big question is whether or not the game will be for the outgoing DS or for the 3DS. My guess is that it’s too early for the game to support the 3DS. It’s possible the game will have 3DS-only features that will make it a must-buy for diehard Pokefans, but then again, all Nintendo really needs to do is add a new legendary Pokemon and fans of all ages will flock to it like free ice-cream.

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