Samsung TaylorBad news for folks rocking the prototype Windows Phone 7 developer phone better known as the Samsung Taylor – according to reports online, Microsoft has announced that it has no intention to bring NoDo or any future updates for their WP7 operating system to those devices. The prototypes were given out for free last year to many developers to get a feel for the device and to start writing apps for the system – though some devices have been known to turn up on the market and being sold to unsuspecting or curious folk.

With rumors of better specs for the new WP7 phones and Nokia-WP7 devices already in the pipeline for next year, I doubt people would be using this prototype phone by then. As for folks who complain about not being able to receive updates – purchase an official WP7 device from a carrier instead of a prototype from someone that probably didn’t pay for in the first place. Or you can cross your fingers and hope for developers to come up with custom ROMs that have the updated WP7 to appear on your device.

Anybody still using the Samsung Taylor?

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