Self-healing polymer

Don’t you just hate it when you get a brand new shiny vehicle, you drive it out for the first time, park it in a parking lot and return a few hours later just to see a huge, obvious scratch by the side of your car that was obviously done by a careless driver or a spiteful vandal? Well, in the future these problems might be a thing of the past.

Some researchers at Case Western Reserve University and some partners in the US and Switzerland have worked together to create a polymer-based material that can heal itself when placed under ultraviolet light for less than a minute. When used in liquids like paint and varnish, the scientists believe that they can create a self-healing paint that should take away the hassle of repairing a paint job – just expose the damaged area to a high dose of ultraviolet light.

While no consumer-ready products have been created yet, the researchers acknowledge that it works and they are in the process of creating something that is commercially viable with the material. Say goodbye to days of vandalism causing a headache to car owners everywhere. Watch a video describing the research and showing the self-healing material in action.

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