Here is a rather interesting piece of research work that deserves commendation – we’re talking about mapping the slowest mobile towns throughout the UK where 3G mobile broadband speed is concerned. So far, we do know that the average speed for mobile broadband in the Buckinghamshire town was 1.73Mbps, which is less than half that of the fastest town, which is 3.6Mbps in Peterborough. Just in case you just crawled out from a shell, mobile speeds have proved to be crucial to users since smartphone use has become ubiquitous. The curious might want to know that this data was compiled by broadband comparison website, analyzing thousands of 3G speed tests before coming to such a conclusion. Here’s a list of the top 10 slowest towns.

  • Milton Keynes – 1.73Mbps
  • Leicester – 2.01Mbps
  • Huddersfield – 2.17Mbps
  • Cardiff – 2.18Mbps
  • Liverpool – 2.21Mbps
  • Blackburn – 2.23Mbps
  • Stevenage – 2.23Mbps
  • Hull – 2.35Mbps
  • Stafford – 2.37Mbps
  • Birmingham – 2.43Mbps

Hopefully the introduction of 4G networks will remedy this situation, but hey, at least you aren’t stuck with EDGE connectivity, right?

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