Sony says NGP is perfect for MMO games, we agree

It’s been a full day since we heard that Sony’s NGP might suffer global launch delay this year, but that’s old news. Let’s move on to preparing ourselves for the games that will be coming out of the pipe. There’s a lot of genres to get excited for: first-person shooting with Call of Duty and Resistance, action/adventure with Uncharted and more. One game genre that John Smedley, president of Sony Online Entertainment thinks fits the NGP extremely well are MMO (massive-multiplayer online) style games, in which we agree. The NGP is chock full of social and location aware features such as its LiveArea and Near functions. LiveAction is sort of like a dashboard that’ll pull up stats on your friends, display activity logs with updated Trophies, etc. Near is a location-aware feature that lets you know who is around you and playing what – a feature that can be very useful in creating online clans and parties. Couple those social features with the NGP’s 5-inch touchscreen and rear touchpad and you’ll likely get an interface that will enable strategies and commands to be quickly carried out in MMO games. Tell Capcom to bring gamers a Monster Hunter MMO that integrates all of the NGP’s online features and addicts (especially Japanese ones) will flock to the system like droves.

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